Grateful for any Natural Asthma Remedy

Already a breath of hope comes when considering that a natural asthma remedy exists.

What is a Natural Asthma Remedy?

Webster says that natural is “being such by nature”. That’s a good place to start – in nature. Fortunately for us, in this modern age of internet search engines and instant information retrieval, we can look up just about anything. What we find in our search is that among thousands of ancient remedies that are some also suitable as natural asthma remedy.

Of course there are lots of other considerations, but let’s take a few minutes and explore a few of these alternative, complementary and natural asthma remedies.


Coming out of India and centuries of exploration is Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine seeks to identify and treat the root cause of disease, chronic and acute illness. Problematic in its application as a natural asthma remedy is that our present day environment is filled with pollutants and it is not possible to remove all or even most of the problem.

Nevertheless, Ayurveda offers herbal treatments to be used with corresponding exercises in the treatment of asthma. Results vary but general health improvements have their own effect on alleviating suffering.


Next, we’ll look at Acupuncture as a natural asthma remedy. Again there are more than a thousand years of experience with acupuncture – mostly in Asian culture, but more recently in the West. Modern acupuncture has treatments for all sorts of modern-day ailments, including techniques to aid those attempting to quit smoking. Acupuncture as a natural asthma remedy has also come forward, making a strong presence in the last two decades.

Acupuncture has only recently been recognized by the allopathic medical communities as a useful co-treatment. We expect to hear lots more about this in the coming years.


Homeopathy as a natural asthma remedy has come to light along with other popular remedies – Bach Flower Remedies, Essential Oil Treatments and Herbal Essence Therapies. The homeopathic practitioner (homeopath) identifies specific symptoms and treats them with very potent minute doses – the idea being to reduce stress caused by the condition with severe side effects, allowing the body time to rejuvenate itself and act in a more holistic way.

Healthy Lifestyle

Finally, a discussion on natural asthma remedy has to include healthy living as a component. Although still considered subjective, elements of a healthy lifestyle should be looked at – diet, stress, environment, exercise and applied attention to happy living.

Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Homeopathy are all useful tools, especially within a larger program of Healthy Living – not a cure-all but definitely a natural asthma remedy.