Using an Asthma Nebulizer can give you More Freedom

Asthma is an ailment due to which a person finds it difficult to breathe due to the sudden constriction of the airway passage and lungs. The constriction often takes place after being triggered off by some allergen. Many times, such attacks are very serious (not to mention scary) and this is where the asthma nebulizer comes in handy.

What is an Asthma Nebulizer?

The asthma nebulizer is a tiny machine that consists of three major parts – the main body is T-shaped, the second is the mouthpiece, which will go into the mouth of the patient, and the third is the cup that holds the medicine. Normally these machines run on electricity and have adaptors that can fit in the car as well so it can be used wherever you are.

How to Use an Asthma Nebulizer?

First, you should ensure that your hands and the machine are both clean. If the machine is fitted with a multi-dose medicine bottle, ensure that you have taken out the right amount in the asthma nebulizer. Alternatively, if the medicine bottle is a single dose one, then you will just have to twist it open so the medicine falls into the machine.

The next step is to attach the mouthpiece to the T-shaped part of the asthma nebulizer, connect it to the cup and the compressor port tube. Once the whole system is ready, hold the apparatus in a straight position, insert the mouth piece in your mouth (preferably between your teeth) closing your mouth over it in an air tight manner and then check by turning on the compressor a little at a time.

If the machine works, then you will see it mist over. As soon as it mists, start inhaling deeply through your mouth for about five seconds. After every breath is taken in, allow the mist to escape by opening the valve. Be sure you hold your breath for about 10 seconds before exhaling so the medicine has enough time to do what it is intended to do in the lungs.

The method should be continued until you exhaust all the medicine from the asthma nebulizer. This may take anywhere from three to five minutes. You will know when the nebulizer is empty when it starts making sputtering noises.

Once you have finished, ensure that the machine is cleaned properly and stored in a dirt-free place ready for the next use.