Adult Asthma: Takes Some Getting Used To

Asthma is a disease of the respiratory system that causes the airways to constrict and close up. The result is that the person suffering from asthma can’t breathe. Asthma can be very serious if not monitored and certain precautions aren’t taken. Usually, if a person has asthma, they are diagnosed as children. By following precautions early in life, they become less cumbersome and, thus, are easily followed in adulthood. However, when adult asthma occurs, it can take a lot of getting used to.

Some people suffer from adult asthma who didn’t have asthma as a child. This can be caused for a variety of reasons, such as certain allergies. If a person is diagnosed with adult asthma, they must take certain precautions they never had to deal with growing up. The old saying you can’t teach old dogs new tricks must not apply. You must follow these precautions or else your adult asthma can seriously harm you or take your life. The precautions depend on what kind of adult asthma you suffer from.

Consult Your Doctor

To determine what kind of adult asthma you suffer from, you’ll want to make an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor will be able to tell you, after performing a series of tests, what kind of asthma you have as well as what activities or things to avoid. For instance, if your adult asthma is caused by an allergy to pollen, you’ll want to stay away from areas with a high concentration of pollen. Your doctor will also prescribe you medicine, usually in the form of an inhaler.

Adult asthma doesn’t mean your life is over. Adult asthma can be serious and it can, in fact, be life threatening if certain precautions aren’t taken. It may take some getting used to but by making a small, conscious effort, you can do what you need to do in order to prevent asthma from controlling your life.

Even if you weren’t asthmatic as a child, if you have adult asthma, you can live a long, normal life, you’ll just have to make small changes to your everyday life. Stay away from those activities or things that cause your asthma and listen to your doctor. If your doctor prescribes medicine, take your medicine. If your doctor gives you an inhaler, make sure you have your inhaler with you at all times. You’ll get used to it in no time at all and your adult asthma will be something you can put in the back of your mind. Control your asthma; don’t let asthma control you.