Stretching Out With Asthma Exercise

There is much written with regards to exercise and asthma, but efforts to find a balance is worthy of a longer discussion. Exercise for the whole society – not just people with asthma – is an area of concern and asthma exercises as part of a larger body toning plan is a great start.

Issues range from ability to do rigorous exercise to how best to strengthen the lungs. We think of the lungs as organs but if we look at them as the muscles associated with breathing, then of course regulated exercise makes sense for those with asthma. Now, diet and exercise go hand in hand so to consider asthma exercise is to look at the bigger picture – that of healthy lifestyle and coming up with a formula for successful lifelong management.

Options and Opportunities

There is ample reason for hope. Expanded options include walking and stretching as appropriate asthma exercises – allowing the system time to warm up slowly. The same holds true for cooling down time included in routines. Some forms of yoga and quiet meditation, which may seem like rather passive activities, have been found very useful in finding that balance. These days it is even possible to find a physical trainer that specializes in asthma exercises.

Establishing and maintaining a reasonable weight is essential for maximum success in dealing with asthma. Talk with your doctor to establish some working parameters. It’s not about crash courses and diet fads; it’s about finding positive things to add to the formula that helps shift the averages from fragile and at risk to stable, happy and breathing easy.

Motivational speakers would tell us to press on slowly and steadily with confidence. Find the balance and make a start with asthma exercises, knowing that vital energy gained through healthy activities will yield better working lungs and a higher quality of life in general.


Since the occurrence of asthma in modern society is on the rise, treatment plans, management theories and asthma exercises will get more and more scrutiny. As asthma research advances and new findings emerge we are sure to see pointers to improving habits associated with lifestyle. It is inevitable, so the sooner we get started the better.

A baby crawls before walking and walks before running! And yes, there are a few falls and tears along the way too. It doesn’t matter, just keep walking and success will arrive sooner than anyone thought possible!