Is There a Natural Cure for Asthma?

As a general statement, Mother Nature has provided a cure for every disease known to humankind. Sometimes, humans underestimate the power of nature and proportionately overestimate their capacity to intervene. It is true that modern science has achieved the capacity of creating miracles. However, it is still far behind the awesome power of nature.

Natural Cure for Asthma vs. Medical Treatment

Life can be tough for a person who has asthma. However, the saying, “Necessity needs no teacher” sums up what this article is all about. When a person is forced by the circumstance to survive, they will try to find a way. Many times, the way found through non-traditional methods is one that is most suited for the person. You may call this fate, or guidance from God – but this is what happens most often.

There are many natural cures for asthma. Of course, since the FDA does not endorse these, it may take some time for patients to accept it. The point is, that you do have choices if you are willing to try them. There is acupuncture, which uses needles to stimulate chemical reactions within the body to correct the existing imbalances. Many people reported that acupuncture is extremely beneficial. One should be very careful however regarding the sterilization of the needles. An option could be to carry your own set with you, which can be thrown away after each session.

Another supposedly effective natural cure for asthma is yoga. Yoga is an ancient science originating from India, whereby one does some particular exercises (the positions of which are called asanas) by which the problems inside the body and mind can be cured. Some people find it highly effective, while the peculiar positions that the yoga dictates horrify some people. It depends upon you if you would like to choose this type of any other natural cure for asthma.

Amongst modern science alternative cures, laser treatment usually forces open the airway by cutting off the obstructions. This provides almost instant relief – however the downside of it is that it may leave scar tissue which would create complication later on in life.

You will find hypnosis listed under natural cure for asthma – and many find it a good alternative. The success of this type of treatment depends upon the practitioner and the patient’s state of mind.

Before making up your mind, it would be good if you conduct some research and judge for yourself. Avail word-of-mouth recommendations and information from friends and the internet.