Asthma Cough – One of the Most Common Symptoms

The asthma cough is one of the most commonplace symptoms of asthma. It also is a warning signal for the asthmatic person that an attack may be on its way. Hence, if you are asthmatic and you develop an asthma cough, it is good to take measures to prevent a full-blown attack immediately.

How to Prevent Asthma Cough and Attacks

You should take care that your home is asthma trigger proof. Cleanliness is one of the most important pre-requisites of the house of the asthma patient. If you find that an asthma cough often plagues you – then the house (or the environment you are finding yourself in) should be cleaned again properly. Ensure that all the allergens should be cleared from the house. Pay special attention to the kitchen where cockroaches can cause havoc.

You should also avoid any strong smells, whether it is deodorant, powder, shampoo or soap. Take care that the bedrooms are dust-proof. If you are not among those who can dust the house daily, invest in a dust proof mattress and pillow so that at least the bed would be a safe zone for you.

Be careful wherever you get the asthma cough – since this is the indication that there air is filled with some type of allergen. Either remove yourself from there, or try to identify what could be the reason for your irritation. Do not neglect it, as the asthma cough is the warning signal for a full-blown attack.

Asthma is Not as Bad as It Sounds

An asthmatic person can lead a close to normal life, as long as they take care that they do not run into any asthma triggers. Be overcautious when you travel, since sudden change in the temperature, dust, pollution, strong smells and so on can really be bothersome when you are on the move. Always carry adequate doses of medicines and be prepared for an attack.

The advice here is to become as allergy proof as possible. In places where you cannot prevent it, be prepared for it. It is a good idea to carry along with you a card or wear a tag with telephone numbers of a contact person (or doctor) so that in case of any emergency you can receive help fast.

The last word is that you should treat the asthma cough as a friend not an enemy, as it warns you about an attack.