A Sense of Urgency: An Asthma Cure

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease and there is as of yet no asthma cure, however it can be controlled and relieved with the use of the proper medications and treatments. Asthma is so common among the population in fact, that it is estimated that there are over 17 million people living with asthma in the United States alone, and that out of these 17 million, 5 million are under the age of 18. The actual diagnosis of asthma is based on that of repetitive and careful measurements of how efficiently a particular patient can force air out of their lungs, as well as through that of a medical history examination.

Is There an Asthma Cure?

There are many available treatments that are used to control and help relieve asthma, but as for an actual asthma cure, there is unfortunately nothing as of yet. In fact, what is considered as the key to effective and long-term treatment of asthma is that of the finding of drugs and a dosage plan which is most effective and resulting in the dealing with or preventing of acute episodes.

Although there is no asthma cure, there are asthma medications which are the most common form of treatment, and most of these work by relaxing the smooth tissue and opening up the airways, thus allowing the asthma sufferer to breathe at least remotely normally again. As well, inhaled medications are more preferred over that of tablet or liquid medications, as these are able to act directly on the airway surface and airway muscles, which is where the majority of asthma problems initiate.

The most commonly used form of asthma treatment is that of beta-agonists, and when symptoms of asthma are hard to control even with these, inhaled corticosteroids are often added to the treatment regime. These corticosteroids are able to not only improve lung function, but also reduce airway obstruction over time, and examples of inhaled corticosteroids include that of: beclomethasone dipropionate, triamcinolone acetonide, and flunisolide. Although the ideal dose of these corticosteroids is actually still unknown, the common side effects are known, and this includes loss of voice and oral yeast infections.

Although there is no asthma cure as of yet, we never know what will happen in the future, and one can only hope that there will be a cure for asthma sufferers sometime in the near future.